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By Caroline Johnstone who worked for corporates for 20 years. One day she told her boss, ‘maybe I will host fairy parties.’  So began her dream of running Fairy Time, her own party planning company.

I believe it can be rather stressful planning a party and it really shouldn’t be anything but joyous and fun.  Here are some tips:


Always take your child’s personality/character into consideration when planning.

  • If you usually host large parties, your child may not be overwhelmed by the amount of people.  Otherwise you may need to consider a smaller party.
  • Prepare your child to manage welcoming and thanking all their guests as they arrive.  Find a suitable place to keep the gifts.
  • Do you have enough help? Guests may arrive at different times & you would need to welcome them.
  • Venues: When selecting a venue, think about all the requirements:
    • swimming pool: is it fenced in?
    • parking- is there sufficient parking for all?
    • space: do you have sufficient space?
    • rain: is there a covered area in case of rain?
    • nursery school: some nursery schools are grateful for extra money & hire out venue over weekend for a party booking.  If your child attends that nursery school, it will be familiar surroundings too.
  • Directions: if your home/party venue is tricky to find or is a boomed-in area, it is helpful to include a map on invitation.  It is also helpful to guests to place a few balloons at your entrance.
  • Try not to hype your child up too much before the event:
    • afternoon party: small kids are tired as they have woken up early due to too much excitement.
    • Unforeseen circumstances occur too, so rather do not detail all you have planned to avoid disappointment… Rather let it be a surprise!
  • Small children – aged 3 years or less: host a morning party as they are too tired later in the day.  For 3 year olds, it is too much to process when you host at a venue they are not familiar with, provide a jumping castle & entertainers.
  • Dress-up party: rather do not set out your own kid’s costumes.  Smaller kids seem to get upset if friends are wearing their wings & won’t take them off!  I have seen kids pull on dresses from either side as there are not enough for all.


  • Entertainment: if you have external party planners offering a program of events – less is better.  Jumping castle, magician & fairy entertainers would be too much for a 5 year old’s party.  When there are too many activities, it divides the party.
  • Entertainers: provide as much information as possible to entertainers so they can provide the best experience & meet expectations. e.g. shy or dramatic child


  • Etiquette: When attending other kid’s parties & there is entertainment planned, try not to arrive late. Children take a little while to slot into the activities & they may not be able to adjust quickly enough to enjoy the experience & may miss out on gifts.
  • RSVP’s: Bear in mind that some people may RSVP & then not arrive.  Sometimes it is unforeseen such as illness etc.  Kids that you have invited may very well bring siblings too.
  • If you book an external venue such as a tea party: stipulate on invitation that unfortunately you are not able to include siblings (if siblings are not invited) as the venue only accommodates x amount of guests.


  • Be aware of children attending the party that may be allergic/not able to certain foods. Do your best to cater for those children’s’ requirements – think kosher, Halaal, gluten-free.
  • Eats: do not provide too many sugary foods/drinks for kids.  You would want to avoid a sugar high & kids are more difficult to manage.  Rather provide healthier foods like small bottles of water, pieces of fresh fruit & cake at the end.
  • Birthday cake: only bring out later when you are about to sing happy birthday as kids tend to touch the characters on the cake.  Don’t forget candles & matches!


  • Same prizes for boys & girls works best if children are similar ages.
  • Ensure that each child gets a prize.

Keep checking yourself as you plan to see whether what you’re planning is for your child or for yourself so that you don’t overdo anything or leave anything out.

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