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By Tiffany Markman, copywriter, editor & mom to a gorgeous chatterbox. Follow her on twitter

You know Julianne Moore, the gorgeous Hollywood actor who won the 2014 Best Actress Oscar for Still Alice? She’s utterly beautiful, right? Well, when she was seven, she was teased for having freckles and red hair, and was called “Freckleface Strawberry” by the other children at school.

This culminated in Moore writing a simple, sweet and semi-autobiographical book about a little girl who desperately wants to be rid of her freckles, so she’s the same as everyone else and not in any way ‘special’. Being special is hard.

Moore’s musical

But being special has also given us Freckleface Strawberry: The Musical, based on Moore’s New York Times best-selling book and known globally as a fun, funny and fast-moving show – “a delightful confection” – for all ages.

Freckleface Strawberry is currently showing at the National Children’s Theatre (NCT) in Parktown, where it stars several of my favourite theatre performers, including the luminous Teekay Baloyi (as Jake, Fredo Freckle and Tap Dancer) and the adorable Megan Rigby (as the alternate lead, Freckleface).

What to expect

Look out for performance highlights by the uber-versatile Megan van Wyk, whose Teacher character is magnificent, the hilarious Brandon Loelly, who offers a fantastic Don Fontaine, and the quirky Caitlyn Thomson, who presents a delightful Francine Freckle and a self-conscious Ballet Girl.

Catchy songs include I Like Danny, I Can Be Anything, I Wanna Be Like Them, and When You Got Friends (which should have been the finale).

The bottom line

This vibrantly designed, sweetly choreographed show contains a simple message delivered in an entertaining way – engaging children, amusing adults, and teaching everyone a valuable lesson about self-image.

Booking info

Freckleface Strawberry runs at the NCT from 14 March during government school holidays. There are daily shows at 10h30 and 14h30, of 90 minutes in duration with a short intermission. To book, email bookings@nctt.org.za.

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