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by Tanya van Eyk mum to two beautiful 4yr old girls, who  teach her something new about life every day. She works in IT and runs a party planning service.

People will ask me, “So how is the potty training going?”  My response is normally a blank stare followed by an intelligent, “Uh?” as I have always felt that going to the toilet was just another milestone my girls would reach at some stage, when they were ready.

I did think that perhaps they were ready one month when they suddenly refused to wear nappies. and I promptly  rushed out to buy a potty.

While out shopping I  wondered whether  to buy one or two potties. (My twins had been going through the stage where they wanted identical things)., I settled on ONE yellow potty, knowing I could always go back to the shop if I needed another.

I was surprised to find that they were willing to SHARE this new addition to the house. There were squeals of delight at seeing the potty but after an hour everyone from Barney to the doll had gone to the ‘toilet’ except for the girls. Sadly potty was relegated to a dark corner, like so many of their toys they get bored with.

Then began the new term at crèche…… “From now on you will need to send pull up pants to school,” I was informed by the teacher. “We will have them potty trained in no time” I smiled at her optimism.  A month later, I broached the subject,” So how is the potty training going?” Her silence spoke volumes as she tried to tell me nicely that it wasn’t going well, ending with,” But we are getting there.” Then at the end of term during the parent teacher meeting, we decided to give potty training a break for the winter and to try again the following summer.

This term I have decided to take the ‘toilet’ matter a little more seriously and bought a second potty. The girls now feel more inclined to ‘use’ the potties as they both have their own.

Potty training trials happen on the weekends and while the elder of my twins has responded eagerly to the idea of going to ‘toilet’, it feels as if she only does it for the praise and attention she gets, while my other daughter only seems to go along with it not to be left out.

Both has yet to produce their first work of art. After a short stint on the potty, they both jump up with a happy “Wee wee mommy”, or “Poo poo” and point at their empty potties

While I do realise this potty business will be a part of our routine for quite awhile to come, I do comfort myself with the knowledge that they surely will be out of nappies before they go to Grade 1, or will they?

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