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fatimaBy Fatima Kazee, fulltime mum to Imaad (8), Zayn(6) and Zahreen (3), part-time wife to fisherman husband Aadil. She’s addicted to sneakers anything chocolatey &  is an invaluable part of the Jozikids and Kznkids team.

It’s been doing the rounds on social networks. Someone nominates a few people to list the things they’re grateful for over 5 days. Which is nice. I guess it gets all of us thinking more about what we’re happy about. It makes us more aware or conscious of the things we have in our lives that we may take for granted. But I don’t think I read through anyone’s list until the end though because after a while, they all started sounding mysteriously similar.

I’m not judging. We all have the main things in our lives that we’re grateful for… our kids, our partners, parents, a roof over our heads and a shiny BMW (hey, different strokes right?). But I think the “challenge” was to go deeper, to really ponder over what we’ve been given in our lives that makes it all worthwhile. To step back, out of the chaos of what life has become, and imagine it if it were any other way (bearing in mind of course that we’re looking at those less fortunate than us so as to be grateful). It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the daily rituals and feel that you’ve just had enough…but remember that it could be much worse.

With the internet and so much information at our disposal, we’re so much more connected with what’s happening in the world, even far, far away from us. We have the opportunity to know what people experience and endure in places we will never visit. And this gives us the perspective to accept what we have and make the best of it.

Credit: reddotblog.com

Credit: reddotblog.com

Naturally, this article would be incomplete without me listing a few things that I’m grateful for. And yes, I have taken some time to think about it. So here goes:

1. I’m grateful for my life experience thus far. As difficult as it may have seemed at certain times, it makes me who I am, it’s taught me the value of things and helps me realise what I want (and don’t want) from my life.

2. I’m grateful for a mother who has shown me how to persevere, how to always be positive, how to be compassionate and how to make roti (ok, I can’t really make roti but she did try teaching me how).

3. I’m grateful for my family. Having healthy, normal kids who teach me something every day, even if it’s just that a bottle of Nutella never lasts more than 3 days! Having a caring husband with a high level of tolerance and patience and a great sense of humour!

4. I’m grateful for chocolate and ice-cream because let’s face it, these 2 unassuming things make everything better!

5. I’m grateful for the simple things, like my converse All-stars, for sunny days, for caller id; hot showers, good health and baby shampoo (love the smell of it!). For hand lotion, track pants, the smell of rain and my 3 best friends.

Truth is, most days we’re all just trying to survive the day. To finally get to bed but still thinking of all that we’ve done and all that still needs to get done (really need to sew that button on my son’s school pants) . Sometimes I think it just helps taking time out to savour the moments, to enjoy, to be present and feel the blessings.

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