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By Laura-kim single mom, recently divorced with 2 kids and the author of the blog Harrased mom.

I was never one of those parents who played games with my kids. Admittedly they were too small for anything more than snap and memory up until a few years ago.

Kiara’s play therapist recently suggested we start playing games together. There were a few reasons she suggested this

  • We watch too much TV
  • It teachers children about consequences
  • It builds up trust
  • And its fun

    Credit: http://kevinmartineau.ca/family-fun/

    Credit: http://kevinmartineau.ca/family-fun/

So off I went and borrowed a variety of games from a friend and every night for the past 6 weeks we have played games after dinner. It really does make a difference. It has cut down on the amount of TV that Cameron watches which is great and seems to be teaching Kiara the desired lessons.

A few months ago her tantrums were frequent when she did not get her own way as a result of something she had done/not done but this morning when she asked me if she gets her treat and I replied no because you did not do what I asked she said “So it’s a no” and walked away calmly. I am not attributing this solely to the playing of UNO every night but I do believe it is a contributing factor.

We also now play games in the car like “I spy” which makes for much laughter and is making us all aware of what is going on around us.

While I will admit that some evenings the last thing I want to do is look for matching pairs of fairies it has made a difference in the way my family functions.

So get some games, have some fun and teach some lessons!

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