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 Mike SaundersBy Mike Saunders, keynote presenter and consultant at TomorrowToday, a company which helps their client navigate the ‘New World of Work’. He teamed up with Tamryn Coats of  Ububele Psychotherapy and Educational Centre in Johannesburg, and created a short booklet entitled “Raising Digital Citizens – Parenting in the Digital Age”. Click here  to download the booklet. 

While the internet has a number of dangerous aspects to it, the ones that pertain to children generally fall into two categories:

1. Children accessing forbidden content

Children can access forbidden content through internet searches, having friends share content on social networks, taking part in video and online gaming, and through instant messaging groups.

2. Stalkers and bullies accessing children

Children can be targeted by other individuals. Cyberbullying is a particularly destructive form of bullying as it follows children home

Since most teenagers have a Facebook account, this social media platform is particularly rich ground for cyberbullying where individuals try to ruin the life of the person they envy, whether by posting mean comments or embarrassing photos or by spreading rumours and lies.


 When using a computer or mobile device:

Credit: grandparents.com

Credit: grandparents.com

  • Don’t talk to strangers, do not accept phone calls or respond to text or instant messages from people you do not know.
  • Never meet with someone you met online without your parents.
  • If someone is horrible to you or scary, tell an adult straight away.
  • Understand that everything you put online will be there forever.
  • Make sure that your personal information is not available to just anybody.
  • If you’re hacked, change your password and check your hard drive for viruses.
  • If in doubt about something, don’t wait – consult an adult about it immmediately.


8                   Oral Sex
1337              Elite or Leet or L337
143                I love you
182                I hate you
1174              Nude Club
420                Marijuana
459                I love you
ADR                Address
AEAP               As Early As Possible
ALAP               As Late As Possible
ASL                 Age / Sex / Location
CD9                 Code 9, which means parents are around
C-P                  Sleepy
F2F                  Face-to-Face, a.k.a. Face Time
GNOC               Get Naked On Cam
GYPO                Get Your Pants Off
HAK                 Hugs And Kisses
ILU                  I Love You
IWSN             I Want Sex Now
J/O                 Jerking Off
KOTL               Kiss On The Lips
KFY / K4Y         Kiss For You
KPC                 Keeping Parents Clueless
LMIRL              Let’s Meet In Real Life
MOOS              Member Of The Opposite Sex
MOSS             Member(s) Of the Same Sex
MorF              Male or Female
MOS               Mom Over Shoulder
MPFB              My Personal F*** Buddy
NALOPKT        Not A Lot Of People Know That
NIFOC            Nude In Front Of the Computer
NMU               Not Much, You?
P911              Parent Alert
PAL                Parents Are Listening or Peace & Love
PAW               Parents Are Watching
PIR                Parent In Room
POS               Parent Over Shoulder or Piece Of Sh**
Pron               Porn
Q2C              Quick To Cum
RU/18           Are You Over 18?
RUMORF        Are You Male OR Female?
RUH              Are You Horny?
S2R              Send To Receive
SorG             Straight or Gay?
TDTM        Talk Dirty To Me
WTF          What The F***
WUF          Where You From
WYCM        Will You Call Me?
WYRN        What’s Your Real Name?
Zerg          To Gang up on Someone

Please note that the full digital booklet can be downloaded from the TomorrowToday website and is free to share.

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