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Supplied by Daleen ter Wolbeek, mom of two beautiful girls who combines her love for children and passion for food by running workshops, holiday programs and parties at Tots n Pots Helderkruin Johannesburg. Click here  for more info.


Hard boiled eggs – Do not remove shells!
Food colouring – any colour you’d likeUntitled1
Vinegar (1 tbsp per colour)
Separate bowls for your food colouring
Water (enough to submerge an egg)
A cooling rack for drying eggs
Acrylic paint, koki pens & glitter glue


1. Make sure your eggs are nice and cool.
2. In a bowl (or bowls) mix 1 tbsp food colouring, 1 tbsp vinegar and water. Add more food colouring if you wish.
3. Submerge your eggs in the colouring one by one – keep it submerged for longer periods for deeper colours!
4. Remove from colouring and let it rest on your cooling rack to dry.
5. You can draw or paint on the eggs too!


  • Before placing eggs in the colourant, bind an elastic band around. This will give a cool a stripey look to your eggs!
  • Use Latex gloves to prevent colourant staining your hands

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