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Would you ever consider driving your kids around without buckling them up in a seat belt?  How about allowing them to ride their bikes without a helmet?  No, you wouldn’t.  Why then are we allowing our kids to use the internet without any safety or security measures in place? The internet is definitely a valuable source of information for school-going children of all ages.  But, it can also expose our kids to various elements of danger, unintentionally and inadvertently.

A recent survey* concluded that kids spend more than five hours per day on their cellphones.   This is a staggering figure which means that your child is highly likely to be exposed to cyber bullying, pornography, illegal online activity and more.

Now that we have your attention, we think you should know more about internet security and an innovative new product called the LucidView EnforcerIt not only works for home use but for small businesses too.


So what does the LucidView Enforcer do for families and kids?

  • Keeps our children safe from undesirable content on the internet such as pornography, illegal gambling pop-ups and piracy.
  • Gives you control over potential access to unsuitable Google and YouTube content without physically checking the devices.
  • Helps you keep devices protected against various types of malware (software specifically developed to disrupt, damage or gain access to operating systems).
  • Enables blocking of specific websites that you determine as unsuitable for your children.

Sounds great but how do you get started?

Well, when you purchase the LucidView Enforcer (click here to purchase) for your home or business, you will receive a router along with all the other hardware you need to get connected and safe.

Simply plug it in, power it up, and register your device online.

You can also configure the settings to suit your families’ needs.  Depending on the age of your kids or the type of business you run, you will be able to tailor the security measures to what you need.

Get weekly security reports

The LucidView Enforcer allows you to receive automated weekly reports to help you track exactly what is happening on your network, for example what devices have connected and who has done what.

This means that not only can you control what your child is seeing or which websites they are visiting, but you will also be able to see how much bandwidth has been used to access specific sites, such as social media accounts.  This is individualised to each device that is connected to the router so you may generate a report for more than one child, letting you monitor each child’s online activities.

Now more than ever, kids are dependent on their smartphones and internet access whether at home, at a friends’ or out and about.  Investing in the LucidView Enforcer guarantees you peace of mind without having to physically check your child’s device.

How much does it cost?

Just R1440 to purchase the hardware with an annual renewal licence of R970.  Click here to purchase.

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 * study by Professor Deon Tustin from UNISA (news24 2016-05-03).