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By Shakerah Bhagalia, mom to 4 beautiful children, guest blogger for Nspired Style providing recipes, loves traveling, endlessly curious about the culinary world and invaluable Jozikids staff member

Whew! I’m glad that’s done. Just got to cross my fingers and wait now…

If you haven’t yet braced yourself for the online application..if you are dreading the same hair tugging experience of the previous years – have NO fear. The GDE online application team can give themselves a pat on the back for a job well done. Whilst it is still not a 100% user friendly, the procedure is quite simple and much less fretful.

What’s more is that the GDE site now has You Tube tutorials to take you through the process and the department has also allocated assistants at various libraries for parents who do not have internet access. Plus, the site hasn’t crashed – went live at exactly 8am as promised!

For a calmer experience:

  • Keep your documents ready.This includes:
  1. Birth Certficate
  2. Immunisation Records
  3. Copies of Parents ID
  4. Proof of Address
  5. Report Card
  6. ID number of sibling should you be applying at the same school as sibling.

  • Decide on a username that is easy for you to remember and jot both this and your password down. Work out a password that is 8 characters in length. Remember that it must contain a Caps letter, a numerical and a special character eg Onl!ne19
  • Now visit
  • Register using your username and password
  • Enter your details and then learners…
  • You may apply via an address, previous school or sibling.
  • Should you have a sibling at the school, this will win you an A listing. Add the sibling. GLITCH! An incidental error message may occur, but you can go back in and apply using an address and miraculously the school will appear on the dropdown list!
  • If you are applying using an address, the system will suggest schools in your area. Accept these schools. You are then asked for a school of choice where you can then add your preferred school.
  • You will then receive a WA(meaning A list) or WB ( meaning B list) number which you can print or save .. this will also be sent to you via SMS.
  • You then have 7 days to submit the above documents at your preferred school
  • Now count your sleeps till July and pray that all is good!

Remember applications close on 28 May… get going.

PS : this has been my experience..if you have had another experience or would like to share tips please comment below or email us at Jozikids.

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