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Di KendalBy Di Kendall  who believes that the most important &  fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of 2.  When she isn’t being mom’s taxi, she tackles networking and design for clients. She writes a blog  & for News24 Voices 

When I was a kid in school, studying never came easy. I did try never the less…

Now, here I sit with a son who would rather cook than study. I would love to see him inspired to put his nose in his books; but having been in that uninspired place, I know it isn’t the easiest task.

I’ve tried different methods, brainstorming, parrot fashion, and plain old simple reading and answering questions. I’ve tried colours, creativity, anything I could possibly think of to get the learning juices flowing. He eats a balanced diet, and as recommended by our GP I have us all taking Omegas. Keen Mind was also recommended, which I bought after reading numerous studies on Bacopa. You can say that all possible avenues that I know of have been covered.shutterstock_141037489

The problem stems from last year when all the wheels feel off the bus. My son had a teacher who was “not a stickler for details”. To simplify he couldn’t have been less bothered about seeing to my sons education.

Due to the stickler we are struggling. I am fighting. I feel that I am maybe fighting a losing battle. I really hope that his report card tells me otherwise.

I would love it if he would practice his maths, but he despises the class and his vivid description of the mathematics teachers “anger issues” in the classroom doesn’t help with my dilemma.

Then I thought; we keep on saying that our kids are so different today. It isn’t the same as when we were in school. So maybe we should be looking for new methods of inspiring children to study.

Instead of wracking my brains into a near coma – here I am asking begging for help.

What makes your kid tick over and get those brain cells absorbing?

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