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By Ameera Cassim, married with a 2 year old daughter, part time BCOM student and a mompreneur of Pay-Per-Less Au Pairs, Green Dot Café and my recent new baby – Crafty Minders.

We sure are living in crazy times, and this short holiday coming up is just what we need, children and parents alike to get us through to year end. The problem is when your little one says  “I am bored, mummy”, “what can I do now?”, “how much longer” and the list of questions goes on. Instead of rushing out to spend money why not recycle material that is lying around and make an areoplane with ice cream sticks?

Materials required

ice cream sticks

large ice cream sticks (the ones Dr’s put down your throat)

Beads, pom poms, or any items to decorate your plane


Craft glue

Koki’s or paint


1.     Glue x 5 ice cream sticks together, wait for each one to dry before gluing the next stick on

2.     Cut the 6th ice cream stick in  half and glue it in the centre to create an  X shape

3.     Glue a craft item (preferably circular in shape) in the middle of the X shape to form the nose of the airplane

4.     Take your 5 x  sticks that are glued together and turn it on its side, take the larger sticks (Dr’s ones) and glue one on top and one at the bottom –  wait for the glue to dry

5.     Take the last larger stick and cut it in half, glue the two together (one slightly on top of the other) ensure you have circular edges on both sides. Glue this onto the rear of your airplane.

6.  Glue the X shape (nose) onto the front of the plane – wait for the glue to dry

7.  Allow the entire craft to dry

8.     Decorate the craft as desired with buttons, stickers or whatever you can find.

Ice cream sticks can be kept after your child has eaten a sucker or ice cream, Just leave it out to dry, You can ask the family doctor for sticks. Truly an easy, inexpensive form of entertainment.

Life is too short to be mediocre, grab life by the scissors, get your craft on and avoid a mediocre break.

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