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Khatija SulimanBy Khatija Suliman, workshop facilitator, mother of two, passionate about children, creativity and play. A kid at heart.

I am a huge fan of quick and cost effective play ideas. Who has the time and energy or the money for that matter to go around looking for expensive, so called novelty play activities when you can make them at home in a jiffy, with items you can find in your pantry and bathroom cabinet?

Here are your 3 quick and frugal ideas for the week.  Please take note that these sensory play substances should not be eaten by your children and the activity should be supervised by an adult.

We have given you child friendly options for the shaving cream and the conditioner.

Cloud Dough

Cake flour
Baby Oil.

Add baby oil to about a cup of flour till you get a breadcrumb consistency. Voila.
This dough compacts into shapes and crumbles again. Keep in airtight container to use again.
You will not be able to get your hands out of this mixture. Soft and fluffy.

Marshmallow Dough

Baby hair conditioner (hyperallergenic)

Add conditioner to 1/2 cup cornflour till you get a soft dough consistency.
If it is sticky add more cornflour, if its dry add more conditioner.
Great for rolling and shaping. It has a calming stress ball effect.
Variation : add food colour
Smells amazing and can be used as an air freshner block that will last up to two weeks.
Snow Dough

Shaving Foam ( supervised please) or Kaleidofoam from Acornkids ( taste safe)
Bicarbonate of Soda

Add 2 tsp of Bicarb to 2 tablespoons of foam.
Feels cool like snow and has a grainy texture.

Unfortunately you can’t keep this one so instead of chucking it away throw in some vinegar after play and watch it erupt ! Amazing fun.
Variation add Glitter.

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