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Some points I think are really important to consider when choosing a preschool.

1. It’s important to get a feel for the school. Ask yourself if the current preschoolers look happy. You can tell a lot by the emotional state of the kids in the school. Rather pay a lot on school fees for a preschool (even half day) than pay a little for a school that doesn’t give your child the proper education and stimulation he needs.2. Is the school in your area?

3. Does the school have a good/bad reputation?

4. Do the teachers/staff get along?
I know you’re probably frowning now but an unhappy teacher equals an unhappy child. Children sense tension in their teachers, if the teachers argue or fight it affects their mood and the way they teach.

5. Can you view the school any time of day?iStock_000022051161_Large

6. Is the school clean and sanitary?

7. Are the staff members friendly and helpful?

8. Are the teachers qualified?

9. Does at least one teacher have proper first aid training?

10. Are you allowed to ask about the curriculum and can you view the daily lesson plans?

11. Does the preschool communicate with the primary school? (If on primary school premises)

Good luck in finding a school that best suits your child and remember every child is different.

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