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Khatija SulimanReviewed by Khatija Suliman, Workshop facilitator, mother of two, passionate about children, creativity and play. A kid at heart.

Book reviews :  Tao in the Box and Yes days and No days by Mia von Scha

My kids and I have added two new amazing additions to our bedtime library. Written by South African author and parenting coach Mia von Scha. These have become the favourites for our nightly reading routine.  I love these books for their lateral  thinking development and playful tone.

Both books have a quirky and playful Dr Seuss type rhyme and rhythm (which are excellent for numeracy skills ) with positive messages and out of this world illustrations, which really capture the attention of even the youngest readers. Large text with short phrases make this ideal for beginner readers. I would recommend it for any age.

Book reviews of Mia von schas kids books

Tao in the box

An abstract and creative way of explaining ones existence. From the meeting of two souls to the creation of a child. This book reinforces for kids how much of a difference each one us makes in this world and how special each of us is. My kids loved the illustrations in this book and I loved the natural and organic wording  and analogies.

Cover Kindle

Yes days and No days

Both my kids wake up in the morning saying Yes, yes, yes ! The catch phrase in this book. The book shows how our outlook affects our daily life. Like breakfast in the morning can be so delicious if we wake up happy and positive, but the same breakfast can be yucky if we “wake up on the wrong side of the bed.” Also if we let our bad mood take over its stops us from enjoying our day.

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An amazing message of positivity and optimism. We found this book at the right time as my little girl was just entering the terrible twos and my son approaching four. So one can only imagine the storm of tantrums and mood swings going around at that time. I really believe the book helped calm them down by giving me the tools to explain how being grumpy and shouting is not going to change anything. The anime type illustrations brings the words to life and have a very literal depiction which helps the little ones understand the story and reinforces the message.

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