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Reviewed by Daniel Janks: actor, creative director, writer, cynic, father, husband. He was born in 1977 and has still not died. He loves many things, chief among which are his mythic wife and odd girl-child.  Visit his website.

Rating: 4/5

Directors: Don Hall, Chris Williams
Writer:  Jordan Roberts, Daniel Gerson
Cast : Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, Jamie Chung


It’s a kids’ movie, there’s action and a guy dies, but it’s a kids’ movie.

Bottom Line

This is a great film. It’s nonsense and it has no higher purpose, but it’s a great film. It’s funny and cute and endearing and charming and exciting and beautiful and a little weird. It’s everything it should be, and it’s great.


Hiro lives in San Fran Sokiyo (the entire film seems to be set in an amalgamated world that’s half Japanesey and Americanesey) where he uses his genius mind to build robots and win bot fights between little remote controlled gladiators. When his big brother and mentor falls victim to a fatal accident Hiro is cast adrift in a world without purpose or direction. But he’s soon rescued by Baymax, his brother’s inflatable robot. Together they uncover the truth behind Hiro’s brother’s death and form the Big Hero 6, a team of tech powered super heroes.



There aren’t a million big names in this film, in fact the whole production seems to have flown under the radar a little, with little fanfare or hoopla, but the voice talent is excellent. Each character is perfectly cast, with each adding a different dimension to the storyline and the film. The animation, a key feature in the film’s ‘performances’ is exquisite. There is just the right amount of stylisation and unique quirk to the world and the characters, and the overall levels of detail, movement, vision are awesome to behold. It’s a 3D film, and the 3D rounds out the truly magnificent depth and breadth of the animated world.

Directing and writing

The script is quirky and charming, the characters all unique and well rounded individuals. The storyline is a little hammy in points but is generally really exciting and compelling. Baymax, the central character, next to Hiro, is truly memorable and will, I think, go on to be an icon of the genre. The film is very well paced and the highs and lows flow naturally and organically throughout the film. This is an extremely well put together movie.


Great, it’s just great. Seriously it’s great.

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