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By Shakerah Bhagalia, mom to 4 beautiful children, guest blogger for Nspired Style providing recipes, loves traveling, endlessly curious about the culinary world and invaluable Jozikids staff member.

In childhood, being sick was a game of thermometers and showers to lower the temperature; it was a chance to bunk school and stay under covers with popcorn and a movie.  But, as a mum, as an adult, can you really afford to be sick? If you can – consider yourself lucky.

Sickness, for me, is a blessing – it’s God’s way of saying “ Hold On!  Your body needs a break from all the overdrive.” However, as an adult, a mum, I wonder if it is remotely possible to just “switch off”. Call in sick – and switch off. For, even if the doctor deems you incapable, as a mum your mind never stops ticking. Firstly, the money you’ve just spent on your meds and doctor’s visit, leaves you feeling a tad bit guilty – do you really need this?  Surely you could have used the money to finance your son’s treatment.

Today is one of those days when I know I am, in fact,  sick. As I lie in bed, forcing a switch off, all I can think of is all the things I could be doing at home, that I normally don’t get a chance to.  Lo and behold, when I do wake up the kids have not been fed, the school lunch needs to be sorted out, and my daughters project requirements keep lurking at the back of my mind.

Can I  really sleep the day out, rearranging your kids lift club to accommodate your flu? Can I really sleep the day out, without a Whats App or call from the office asking you to please sort something out – which in fact is not urgent?

Amidst all of this , there is a daughter – your soul mate for life. This little girl who wishes to step into mummy’s shoes, who suddenly grows up, takes responsibility and helps as best as she can (pity she can only drive in 8yrs time). Amidst all of this, there’s a husband, a friend, a mum  who asks how you feeling … and you wish you could let the Miss Independant facade go..and just say “ I am Needy… needy of your help. I am going to sleep,  and I hope that when I awake,  I won’t have to take the week to sort out the mess that was made in my absence, the unattended emails, and the heap of work.

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