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By Julie McCarthy; Children’s Life Coach and White Belt Nia Teacher.  She is the founder and creator of Magic Blox 4 Life which provides EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Creative Movement Life Coaching programs for children, teens, parents, teachers and therapists. 

 In today’s fast paced world of technology, media and negativity our children are living in a very different world compared to 20 years ago.  Children at a very young age have a huge amount of pressure to succeed.  They also lead very busy lives with homework, extra murals, therapies, social engagements etc.  When it comes to exam time, there is even more pressure on them as many schools weight the exam mark to count for a high percentage of the term mark.

Fear of failure, worry and anxiety create negative thought patterns which cause a negative outcome regardless of how much preparation and studying your children done.  You can help to decrease stress levels in your child and yourself through the exam process by following these four EQ Steps –

1. The Situation
2. Think
3. Do
4. Be

 Step 1: The Situation

Ask your child what their worries are about their exams.  The example is the child says they are worried about not being able to finish the exam on time.

 Step 2: Think

Find a quiet place for you and your child to sit or lie, ask them to close their eyes and imagine themselves finishing the exam in time.  They should create a picture in their imagination with as much details as possible i.e. sights, sounds, feelings

Step 3: Do

  1. Kicking out the Grouch and bringing in the love thought

If a child is constantly worrying and thinking about the fact that they will fail the exam, then that is what might happen.  Help them reframe the “grouch” or negative about the exam with any positive thought, feeling ie “When my exams are finished it means that holidays are near”.   This starts to create a positive associate and perception towards exams going forward.

  1. Create Affirmations

Help them to think of a positive statement about their worry e.g “ I always finish my exams on time.”

They should write the statement on a piece a paper in positive language and practice saying this statement each day.  They can say them quietly; they can shout them or sing them

Step 4: Be

By practicing visualising the outcomes, changing the grouch thoughts to love thoughts and saying positive affirmations regularly creates positive behavioural change to challenges going forward.


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