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By Tiffany Markman, on behalf of Sing at my Party, which sends musical theatre singers – dressed as Disney characters, including the gorgeous Moana – to sing at Joburg birthday parties.

In our house, we’re ALL about Moana at the moment. If your little one is also channelling Moana, Maui, that weird crab Tomatoa, and even crazy, brainless HeiHei, here are some cool games and crafts you can do with them.

These little activities may keep you from killing your precious spawn during the holidays or, better yet, prevent them killing each other. Whatever works!

Moana printable Bingo

The free printable Moana bingo set includes 10 bingo cards and calling cards in a single PDF file, so you can cater for bigger groups of kids. The calling cards even include the names of the characters in case you don’t know who they are.


  1. Print as many bingo cards as you’ll need for all players.
  2. Pick an object to mark each person’s squares (sweets, gems, buttons, etc.).
  3. Give each player one card and a pile of marker objects.
  4. Ask all players to start by covering the ‘Free’ square.
  5. Have one person at a time choose a calling card and say it out loud.
  6. Each player covers that item on their card with a marker object.
  7. Once a player has 5 squares covered in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row, they call out “BINGO!” and win the game.

Toilet roll HeiHei

To make your own HeiHei, or multiple HeiHeis, you’ll need:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • coloured paper (or paint)
  • scissors
  • googly eyes
  • feathers
  • a glue gun and/or Bostik


Here’s the original idea.

  1. Either glue several pieces of coloured paper to the loo roll, or paint the roll.
  2. Stick the feathers to the top and back of the roll.
  3. Stick on the googly eyes (the glue gun is useful for this).
  4. Find HeiHei some little pebbles, beans or seeds to snack on.

Paper doll printables

This one is my favourite, because it’s so quick and easy. Use these paper doll templates, free to print from here and here,  to give Moana and Maui their trademark style.

Or switch it up a bit, and make them look funny. (Older kids can design their own paper clothes.)

You’ll need printing paper, cardboard to reinforce the ‘doll part’, Pritt, and scissors.

Tip: As you know, scissors and glue require adult supervision, so keep a watchful eye. We’d love to see pics of your kids’ creations; share them on Facebook or Twitter and tag @Jozikids.

This post is sponsored by Sing at my Party, which sends Disney princesses – in full costume – to sing iconic songs at little people’s birthday parties. Find out more here >> Sing at my Party.

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