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By Julie McCarthy; Children’s Life Coach and White Belt Nia Teacher.  She is the founder and creator of Magic Blox 4 Life which provides EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Creative Movement Life Coaching programs for children, teens, parents, teachers and therapists. 

Being a positive parent, especially during exam time, can make all the difference to your child.  Try these steps to help ease everyone during exams.

Alleviate anxiety by being prepared

The child should have a study schedule either from school or parents can help them to create a study schedule.

Creating positivity around exam results regardless of the result – PASS or FAIL.

 When the child arrives home with the exam mark …

  • Ask your child about the questions they answered correctly.
  • Compliment them and congratulate them on the correct answers.
  • Ask your child about the incorrect questions and discuss positives ways to correct them going forward.
  • The process should be repeated for each worry the child has about their exams.

Have an awareness and understanding of how your child takes in information

Taking in information and absorbing the information is unique and different for everyone. Children with ADHD are able to take in information better when other senses are activated e.g. body movement and external background sounds like –  music.

EQ 4 Exams mean managing anxiety levels, keeping a positive frame of mind and attitude, visualising the goal and remaining calm within mind and body through the exam process.

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