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By Keshnie Kitti Mathi , an ex-pirate and proud momma of 2, who enjoys sharing the joyous, scary, usually hilarious ups and downs of parenthood and wifehood.  Click here to read her stories on her blog called  Letters to my baby-mummy’s life in words.

With Father’s Day fast approaching I decided to ask my 5 (almost 6 year old) what her daddy meant to her and voila, this blog was born. Here are her thoughts:

1) He is always smiling – it’s true, Daddy Dearest always looks at the kids with a smile.

2) He loves us – not only does he say it, but he shows it in the way he talks and in the way he build the kids up

3) He loves mummy – I loved that she noticed this because daddy definitely loves mummy and I want the kids to grow up in that love

4) He is funny – Always goofing around and naturally loud is what makes Daddy Dearest so endearing. His positivity and ability to never complain teaches us all so much. He helps fill out home with joyous laughter!

5) He forgives me – this quality is one I hope he instills in the kid. He has the ability to forgive fully and totally.

6) He likes to play – the kids are blessed with a dad who does not worry about life, he enjoys it. He cherishes moments and truly lives!

7) He cooks better than mummy – Daddy Dearest is a professional chef but he cooks with love and from the heart. He pretty much can do anything around the house. This mummy is really lucky! Such a great role model for out little girl and especially our little boy.

8) He treats me like a princess and tiger like a prince – children learn what they live, not what we tell them to learn. We also teach kids how others are allowed to treat them. The kids are blessed to have a father who has never raised a hand or hurled a harsh word in their direction, or mine. He teaches them daily that they are special in what he says and how to acts toward them

9) He likes work – he works long hours and he works hard but he never says anything negative. He supports his family with heart and always puts in 150%.

10) He loves Jesus – having a connection to God and praying as a family keeps us focused and strong

I cannot wait until Tiger (5 month old) can talk too. Its clear that this daddy has left his imprint on their lives and in their hearts.

Happy Father’s Day my love!

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