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Hennops Pretoria / Tshwane

NPO for rescued, abused, neglected, stray animals

We are a non-profit, pro-life, rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing facility in Gauteng, South Africa.

Our motto is ACTA NON VERBA - Action not words.

We provide assistance to unfortunate, homeless, abused, neglected, stray, injured, ill, geriatric and unwanted animals (predominantly canines) that would otherwise have miserable lives and premature deaths.

Drop off premises for donations in Sandton

Our satellite drop off branch is located at 43 Lincoln Street, Woodmead, Sandton. These premises are sponsored by Chartered Appointments and they are able to co-ordinate and store any donations that are dropped off.

Or you can donate R20 to the rescue centre by sms'ing 'dog' to 40733 - ALL PROCEEDS GO TOWARD OUR STERILIZATION DRIVE AND TOWNSHIP FEEDING SCHEMES.

Our wish list

You could help by doing any of the following:
- donate towards our vet bill
- Adopt and change a life
- View our wish list our website for necessary items
- Make a donation towards our clinic dream project
- Apply to become a 'Woodrock Warrior' volunteer
- Support Woodrock kennels when you go away

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We had such a lovely time at first at the shelter browsing all the dogs and trying to select one that was suited best for us. Prior to the visit, we browsed the website and picked a few candidates that we thought best described our living situation and daily routines. We met one of the candidates at the shelter, took her for a walk and fell so in love with her. She was absolutely perfect. We took the application to adopt her and filled it in and sat while we were questioned by one of the admin staff only to be rudely sent home with broken hearts. Firstly, she questioned why our female Pekingese was not spayed (the dog we wished to adopt was female, the other male Doberman which was supposed to be her playmate was fully sterilised, dewormed, everything and playful and accommodates other dogs). Fair enough, we will spay the Pekingese and then that will sort out their issue raised and welcome our new pet to our home. Then she asked where the dog will sleep. I replied that, just like the Doberman does, the dog will sleep in a dog house outside with blankets and an infrared light. I immediately was rudely told that that is not acceptable, all dogs must sleep inside regardless and be attended to 24/7. The admin lady not only went as far as that, but then started to belittle me because I dared to let the Doberman sleep outside. As if the past 6 months he has been sleeping outside and that he was completely content and warm did not matter. She escalated this by saying now he will also be aggressive because the Pekingese is sleeping inside and he cannot (again, where he has not shown a single ounce of aggression towards the Pekingese and they frequently go on walks together for 6 months now), but without even considering or listening to the situation, immediately dismissed our application and said we are not suitable. No inspection, no second opinion, nothing, that was that.

This was the perfect dog companion we dreamed of having and as mentioned we have been very caring owners for small and large dogs alike, where I myself have only ever owned dogs that were abused or from shelters literally because I feel compelled to rather save a dog's life that had unfair treatment than to buy a breeder's dog. Yet Woodrock doesn't think any of my dogs saved from HAWS, welfare organisations or the streets does not warrant me any consideration whatsoever, application automatically rejected because the dog sleeps outside in a warm, cozy, sheltered area. Whereas at this shelter they run up and down a large fenced-in concrete corridor with a few blankets on the floor.
I didnt even mention this but they also demand that someone is available for the dog 24/7 at home. Now luckily I work remote but I can imagine that is totally unlikely for the majority of the working population and totally unrealistic, sure I will stop working then neither myself or the dog will have a roof over our heads.

I was not only shocked by my treatment, I was saddened. To know I was utterly rejected over unrealistic expectations (I have had countless large dogs in my life completely and utterly happy and healthy and not once has any of them slept inside the house or needed attention 24/7) is damning to say the least. This lady has compromised an adoption because of her condescending nature (at a shelter who has numerous times alerted the public about growing numbers and need to adopt). And sure, I can accept if it is part of the Woodrock's policy for all of these conditions to be met in order to facilitate an adoption, but it would help to actually post that sort of stuff on your website or Facebook and save both our and your times of driving all the way there just to be sent back home empty handed.

We are disgusted and heartbroken. I hope Juno gets the home she deserves.

Submitted on Thursday, 16th June 2022 at 04:43:42 PM

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