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Educational psychologist

Dr. Ken Resnick, Educational Psychologist and Founder of the SmartChoiceParenting Programme (SCCP), established in 2008. The SCPP programme is based on a phenomenological approach with an educative method. Dr. Resnick’s evidence based programme has shown that parents play a pivotal role in a child’s life as the adult educator. The SCPP focuses on the adult-child educative relationship in guiding their child to adulthood. Virtually all other evidence-based programmes are child-focused in that they attempt to assist the parent in dealing with their child’s inappropriate behaviour and have a more psychological approach.

Parenting workshops

Parenting workshops are held on an ongoing basis and offer the following options:
- SmartKidz: Geared at parents with children up to the age of 11. This workshop consists of 1 4-hour session.

- Smart Teenz: For parents with teenage children. When communication breaks down between parents and teen, a consequence is a breakdown in trust and respect. The ‘SmartTeenz’ programme includes an extra session which includes the teens and other children with their parents. This takes place one or two days after the first session. A 3rd session is recommended not less than 2 weeks after the family session. This is a reinforcement and interactive feedback session and where the whole family attends.

Author of parenting decoded - raising kids in the digital age

"There is no shortage of books on parenting but it is rare to find one like this one with an educational approach that establishes an adult-child educative relationship aimed at supporting and helping a child develop his or her potentialities and to learn to act independently and responsibly. In contrast, there are many books on parenting that emphasize the psychology of the child while ignoring this adult-child relationship. Thus, I highly recommend this book and the programme to all parents." George D. Yonge, Emeritus Professor of Education, University of California at Davis, USA

With years of experience with children and parents, Dr. Resnick's book 'Parenting Decoded' includes a simple-to-use parenting guide which have proven effective for children from diverse ethnic and economical backgrounds. Assisting parents with:
- Behavioural issues
- Low self-esteem
- Childhood disorders
- ADHD and ODD
- Encopresis(Soiling)
- Enuresis (Bedwetting)
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Consumer reviews

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Ken saved us!

We all want our kids to grow up to be successful happy humans! And when we it seems we are doing the opposite it can really be terrifying!

Without Kens help im not sure where we would be as a family!

When all others therapies were just not working AT ALL, we were feeling lost and helpless.

All the advice I was recieving just didnt feel right. I felt like the therapies we were attending just were Not getting to the core of the issue.

After attending Kens course I felt so confident in my role as a parent. And simple changes we made in our parenting style resulted in changes in my kids over night!!!

I am forever greatful to Ken for sharing his invaluable knowledge!

I strongly believe that this knowledge should be learnt and aquired by every single parent out there!!

I have a calm home where my kids are driven, motivated and happy!All thanks to Ken!

Submitted on Thursday, 19th May 2022 at 11:23:41 AM

Our boys came from a socially deprived background which was marked by abuse, violence and neglect, from which their father (my husband) rescued them. The effect of SmartChoiceParenting in our household has been dramatic, fast and painless.

Whereas we often had war and crazy behaviours, there is now peace. The tension and frustration has all but disappeared and we (as parents) are far more in control of the daily running of the house (and I mean then in the last three years). Peace has finally entered the household. My husband and I don’t argue about the kids anymore.

All other intervention, therapy and medication has been ineffectual and I thank God we found Dr Resnik. I highly recommend the SmartChoice program.

Submitted on Tuesday, 26th April 2022 at 10:57:41 AM

Ken's programme has made a huge difference to our family. Overall the kids get along better, we have more fun as a family and they are learning to be more responsible. And since we started the self confidence in the child starts to return. My step son did an English Test and got 87% because he applied himself and he was so proud!

It hasn't been easy and we have had our own challenges, but where we were 6months ago to where we are now, it a completely different world and a better family life

Submitted on Thursday, 21st April 2022 at 09:34:10 AM

A day after our session with Dr Resnik, we implemented our plan of action and wow! We saw results almost immediately.

Thank you so much for helping us with this, every cent we have paid towards this, is worth it!
My husband and I are Christians and what I like about this programme is it has Biblical principals, as God never forces his Children to serve him or to do things, he gives us a Choice, and the same applies here we are giving our child the freedom to make his own choices, but we also making him aware that if he chooses to makes bad choices there are negative consequence.

Submitted on Wednesday, 20th April 2022 at 10:08:18 AM

In August 2017, I contacted Ken Resnick about my son, who was in Grade R at a private school in Johannesburg. We’d just returned from a meeting at our son’s school. It was the third “big” meeting. As anticipated it was another disappointing confirmation of the paltry options available to us. We were already signed up for all the therapies (OT, Speech and Physio) and had already exhausted our lifeline of repeating a grade.

I was starting to grasp that I couldn’t beat a system that was completely rooted and invested in archaic predictors, flimsy diagnoses and cures (IQ testing, ADD/ADHD and medications). In my gut I knew none of it made sense.

In short, Ken helped us avert disaster.
Our son is staying in the normal school system without medication. I do anticipate we’ll still have our ups and downs in the system, but we now have the skills and confidence to be the parents he needs and to get him through these hurdles with our sanity and our son in tact.
I would recommend that you try this programme before resorting to medications or therapies.
One very satisfied customer

Submitted on Thursday, 14th April 2022 at 11:30:09 AM

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SmartChoice Life-changing Parenting Workshop

Every Sunday
SmartChoice Parenting
136 8th Street
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Workshop cost is medical aid claimable
Our highly successful workshops consist of 1 x 3-4 hour session.

Most participants have reported overnight change in problems such as sibling rivalry, defiance, no listening and other common childhood problems.
Dr Ken Resnick
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