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Homeschooling has been around for many years and has become more popular in recent years. Homeschool traditionally means that children are educated at home by their own parents . Many parents find tutors to help support the work they are doing. Those parents who cannot homeschool but are looking for a simliar approach have turned to what are called Tutor Centres. This kind of approach to learning will appeal to parents who want an education based on religious beliefs, for children with chronic illnesses or simply for parents that are not satisfied with mainstream education.

Online school for Foundation and Intermediate Phase learners. We strive to create a nurturing, academic online environment for our learners, while providing a safe space for our learners to socially interact through our optional extra-mural programs.
From 5 - 10 yrs old
DawnCroft Ed
Randpark Ridge
An alternative schooling centre which aims to support parents whose children prefer smaller classrooms and personalized education.
From 15 yrs - All ages
Glow Academy Learning Centre
Homeschooling, Home School, Learning Centre, Cottage School
From 12 yrs - All ages
Princeton Centre of Learning - Randburg
online and on site home schooling for 12 to 18 year olds in Blairgowrie. Small classes. Individual attention.
From 12 - 18 yrs old
Mindscape Education
Affordable, quality and independent education system sold for home schoolers and tutor centres across the country with the vision of improving distance learning and independent schooling in SA.
From 6 - 18 yrs old
aSTEAM Education Centre
Jukskei Park
Alternate education centre for grades 4 to 9 in a caring, homely environment. We also offer extra lessons/tuition for kids.
From 7 - 16 yrs old
Murray House School
Roosevelt Park
Homeschool with small classes to ensure the individual attention needed for success is given. Cambridge & some CAPS curriculum followed. Extra lessons also offered in English, Maths and Afrikaans.
From 6 - 18 yrs old
FlinkDink Academy
Ontdekkers Park
Professional individual maths tutoring as well as homeschooling support in all subjects.
All ages
Hannaford Homeschool and Tutor Centre
We are a home school centre, alternative learning centre, after care implementing BrainGym and educational kinesiology
From 6 - 13 yrs old
Midrand Innovative Learning Centre
Cottage school from Grade 000 - Grade 11
From 3 yrs - All ages
Studio of Learning
Blairgowrie Randburg - An independent learning centre for learners who struggle in a mainstream environment. Individualised learning in small classes. Grade 1 – 12. Mainstream curriculum. Remedial assistance offered.
From 6 - 18 yrs old
Intuition Tuition Centre
Full time and part-time tuition, as well as examination invigilation to learners Grade R-12. Parents hand pick the recognised curriculum provider, which is best suited to their child.
From 7 - 18 yrs old
Think Digital College
Online school for Grade R to Matric. We provide a CAPS and British International aligned curricula. Support for homeschoolilng parents, cottage schools and alternative schools
From 6 - 18 yrs old
Impaq Education
We provide you with the necessary products, services and tools to enable your child to complete Grade R to Grade 12 at home. After successful completion of Grade 12, Impaq candidates qualify to receive a National Senior Certificate (NSC).
From 4 yrs - All ages
Princeton Centre of Learning - Sandton
online and offline home study centre where a personalised study program is designed for each student. The fully recognised Impak curriculum is used.
From 12 - 18 yrs old
In Touch Edu Centre
Kindergarten, nursery school, Aftercare centre, Tutor centre Gr. R to Gr. 12
From 3 mnths - 18 yrs old
Global Village College (Pty) Ltd
An online learning college that prepares students for Cambridge International qualifications and develops the tools, skills and mind-sets children need to prosper and thrive in their future world. From 10-18yrs
From 10 - 18 yrs old
Mainstream alternative education facility specialising in array of subjects for Gr 8 to 12 learners, home school enviroment based in Olivedale.
From 6 - 18 yrs old
Out The Box Learning Centre
We have a unique space for children to learn in different ways such as confidence, social interaction. We also have a party venue and a playground for the rainy days.
From 3 - 10 yrs old
Daybridge International High School
Florida Park
Private high school that teaches the Cambridge curriculum : Foundation (Grade 8-9), IG and AS levels (Grade 10- 12).
From 13 - 18 yrs old
Master Maths Lynnwood
Extra maths & extra science lessons in Gauteng Pretoria East area, suburb Lynnwood. Tuition by qualified tutors. Gr 4-12 plus varsity
From 7 yrs - All ages
Omatas Assisted Learning School
Homeschool that builds self-esteem, physical development and academics
From 6 - 13 yrs old
St George's Academy
Randpark Ridge
We provide specialised support for learners with barriers to learning and assist in tutoring students who are home-schooled using an externally sourced curriculum, catered to fit the individual needs of your child.
From 5 - 9 yrs old
Riverstone Village
North Riding
Self-Directed Education, SDE, Unschooling, alternative, community, nature, play, creative, learning, centre, Sudbury
From 4 - 18 yrs old
Synaptic College
Mainstream alternative education facility specialising in array of subjects for Gr 8 to 12 learners, home school enviroment based in Olivedale.
From 14 - 18 yrs old
Sunny Smiles Assisted Learning Centre
Assisted Learning Centre - stimulating home school environment for kids with emotional, learning or language difficulties.
From 4 - 10 yrs old
Foundations Christian Academy
Mayberry Park
Daycare, Aftercare, homeschool centre and Tutor center for Home Education
From 3 - 13 yrs old
Kumon Education East Rand
Maths and English learning programmes in the East Rand and ALL AREAS of Gauteng
From 3 yrs - All ages
Evolve Online School
Online School, Grade R-9, designed to take each child on a journey of personal mastery, using trend setting curriculum mapping systems developed by MIT, where they progress at their own deliberate or accelerated pace.
From 5 - 18 yrs old
The reach academy
Bedfordview; Edenvale; Glen Marais
An academy using the Impaq homeschooling approach with small interactive classes, offering study skills and extra lessons.
From 8 - 18 yrs old
Randpark Ridge
Online curriculum provider and homeschool support centre. We offer CAPS curriculum to homeschool families over our online platform with the option of student support at our education centre based in Randpark Ridge.
From 7 yrs - All ages
Moore House Academy
Online and onsite education for all learners in Grade 8 to Grade 12. Your child can obtain their National Senior Certificate just as if they were attending a public school while in the comfort of their own home.
From 12 yrs - All ages
The IEA Elite
Private creche, primary and high school academy with regular interaction with horses, also offering pony parties, horse riding lessons, holiday camps, field trips and a kids club.
From 6 mnths - All ages
The Collective Genius Centre
Offers Cambridge Distance Learning and Homeschool Tuition from Checkpoint 1 (Grade 7) to As level (Grade 12). Our dynamic, hyper-visual environment ensures that students have access to every resource they need to reach their potential.
From 11 yrs - All ages
My Cyberwall (
An online e-learning solution for Grades 4-7 aligned to the Curriculum. Use by schools throughout South Africa as well as at home by families for homeschooling.
From 9 - 12 yrs old
Savvy Kids Centre of learning
Homeschool, tuition centre, learning support therapy, parent/teacher/learner educational workshops
From 4 - 16 yrs old
The Turning Point
Home School Facilitation Gr 1 - 9 Private School Curriculum and IEB Matric; Extra Lessons; Remedial Therapy; Counselling; Assessments
From 6 - 18 yrs old
Homeschool Tutor and Remedial Teacher
Remedial teacher for tutoring and helping homeschoolers
From 5 - 14 yrs old
Tutor the Future
Randpark Ridge
Home schooling tutor centre for Grades 4 - 7. Small classes. Individual attention.
From 9 - 14 yrs old
Cyber School
A comprehensive teaching service that offers academic guidance and assistance, yet it is managed and functions like a school for all ages.
All ages
Purple Mash by 2Simple
Powerful & creative educational software (CAPS aligned) for home learners and schools. Our program encourages children to love learning! Educational, creative & inspiring tool that incl a collection of essential child-friendly games and activities.
From 4 - 14 yrs old
Penhurst Academy
A home schooling support and tuition centre for GR 7-A levels, internationally aligned syllabus,micro-tutoring classes, international exams in comfortable small environment.
From 12 - 18 yrs old
Sandra's House Educare
Education center offers home schooling and unschooling for gr. R – 12 in all subjects. Sandra has experience with gr. R – 12 learners with Autism, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Epilepsy and hard of hearing students.
From 5 - 18 yrs old
Elite College of Excellence
Dance & performing arts inspired school from grade R to matric, academic institution
From 3 - 18 yrs old
You Got This Educational Services Pty Ltd
Rosebank; Birdhaven; Woodmead
Extra lessons and tuition for grade 4 to 12 learners. Remedial therapy and homework assistance also offered.
From 8 - 17 yrs old
StarrStudent Tutor Centre & Homeschool
Home school based tuition (grade 8-12) and extra lessons (all grades)
From 6 - 18 yrs old

How to use our Homeschools Directory

You will find homeschooling institutions and support services divided into the areas in Gauteng, such as Johannesburg , Pretoria, East Rand, West Rand and Midrand. You may also narrow down your search by clicking on the suburb search button to find Tutor Centres or homeschool support in a specific suburb near you.

What’s the difference between a cottage school and homeschooling?

Cottage schools are not homeschools. The SA Schools Act specifies that home education only applies where each child is educated in his or her own home. A cottage school is therefore a private, independent school operating on premises other than that of a residence. With cottage schools, learners are not registered as homeschoolers but the cottage school itself needs to be registered as such to be operating legally. Please ensure that the tutorial centre or cottage school you choose is fully registered and compliant with all legalities.

What curriculum do homeschoolers follow?

Homeschools choose what they feel is the best curriculum for the children. It could be the government approved CAPS curriculum, Cambridge syllabus or something completely different and non-traditional. Some schools may offer specific therapies and interventions for special needs of the children. You will also find extra murals for homeschooled kids which will help them socialise with other children.

homeschooling resources in Gauteng

You will find resources for homeschooling tutors and parents in this directory with companies offering learning material, exam facilitation, teaching aids and more.

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It may be overwhelming going through all these listings and trying to decide which the best is for your child. Or if homeschooling is something you wish to embark on. By clicking on the name of each company or homeschool you will get more in depth information and contact details to help you feel more informed.